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A trademark is a sign such as a name, a logo, a combination of letters and/or numbers, a slogan, a colour or a combination of colours, a sound, the shape of a product or its packaging, or any other symbol. This sign is used to distinguish a company’s products or services from those of his competitors.

Obtaining trademark rights requires filing for a registration in the territory where the protection is sought, and is highly recommended. You will then be able to prohibit third parties from using your trademark or a sign that is confusingly similar to it.

To obtain protection, a trademark should be available and distinctive relative to the goods and services of.


How Can We Help ?


  • Advice on the registrability of your trademark
  • Advice on the availability of your trademark
  • Preparation of a filing strategy that takes your specific needs into account
  • Prosecution of your trademark’s registration with the authorities
  • Representing you before BOIP, INPI, EUIPO and WIPO
  • Prosecution of your trademark’s registration in foreign jurisdictions through our network of selected associates
  • Management and optimization of your trademark portfolio
  • Handling of your trademark’s renewal and administrative aspects during its effective life



  • Defence of your interests in case of refusals, oppositions and cancellations resulting from actions of third parties or the authorities.
  • Defence of your interests in case of trademark infringement
  • Assistance with customs and border protection


Strategic optimisation

  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements (licensing, distribution, coexistence, etc.)
  • Administrative and strategic audits of trademark portfolios
  • Assessment of the monetary value of your trademark portfolio