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Copyright & related rights

A copyright is a protection given to any original literary, scientific and artistic works, irrespective of their medium, such as books, brochures and other written works, conferences and musical compositions. Computer programs can also be copyrighted.

Performances by performing artists (actors, singers, musicians, dancers), the sound or film recordings (on a master tape) and radio broadcasts are protected by related rights called neighbouring rights.

Protection does not require registration. However, we recommend keeping proof of the creation date and content of the subject of the protection.

Holders of copyrights or neighbouring rights can prohibit unauthorized copying, alteration, adaptation or translation of their work as well as its distribution or communication to the public (including publication on the Internet) without their authorisation.


How Can We Help ?


  • Collaboration on the best strategy for protecting your work
  • Assistance with preparing a reliable file to help you prove your creation or acquisition of creators’ rights
  • Completion of the necessary steps to provide indisputable proof of the creation date
  • Advice on protection in foreign jurisdictions through our network of selected associates



  • Measures to discourage piracy and infringement
  • Defence of your interests in case of infringement of your rights


Strategic optimisation

  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements (transfer of rights, publishing, licensing, distribution, etc.)