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patent may be obtained for a technical invention which is new, inventive and susceptible of industrial application, in any type of industry, including agriculture. The invention may relate to a new productprocess and/or a new use of a product

A patent confers a right to forbid others from making, selling, using, importing., etc…,  what is claimed therein, in the territories where you have obtained this patent, as long as you keep the patent in force.

A patent also contributes to valorizing R&D efforts, such as by generating revenues through licensing or sales of patent rights, or by attracting investors.

While you may wish to protect your innovations, you should also be careful not to infringe patent rights of third parties.

At Kirkpatrick, we work in all technical fields from  chemistry or medical devices to mechanics, industrial machines, or computer implemented inventions.  


How Can We Help ?


  • Prior art search and study on whether or not your invention can be patented
  • Setting up with you a tailor-made protection strategy that best suits your specific needs and budget
  • Assistance with  preparation and drafting your patent applications, based on a thorough understanding of your business and the relevant technology
  • Representing you before BPO, EPO and WIPO with respect to the various filing procedures, examination of your patent application and subsequent granting and maintenance of your patent.
  • Prosecution of your patent applications in foreign jurisdictions through our network of selected associates  
  • Preparing with you co-development or licensing agreements safeguarding your patent rights for the best



  • Monitoring the patents of your competitors, assessing their validity and preparing a strategy
  • Defence of your interests in case of oppositions
  • Assisting you in cases of infringement, preparing a cease-and-desist letter and conducting negotiations


Strategic optimisation

  • Assessing your “freedom to operate” for exploiting particular technologies or your own inventions
  • Monitoring & optimizing your patent portfolio: identifying & assessing your intellectual property rights (“audit & due diligence process”)
  • Negotiating and preparing agreements with different parties (non-disclosure, letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, licensing, transfer & assignment, etc.) and carrying out the subsequent registration procedures
  • Conducting a thorough and regular watch to help you monitor patent activity in a certain technical field, for an in-depth knowledge of the activities of your competitors and commercial partners (“IP Watch”)
  • Performing a detailed analysis of the prior art in your technical field and identifying the main trends and technical/commercial opportunities in this field so as to better support and steer your R&D (“IP landscaping”)


Our Services

Our experienced attorneys, engineers and paralegals are always aiming for excellence and are not afraid of coming up with inventive and yet efficient solutions.


A trademark is a sign such as a name, a logo, a combination of letters and/or numbers, a slogan, a colour or a combination of colours, a sound, the shape of a product or its packaging, or any other symbol. This sign is used to distinguish a company's products or services from those of his competitors.


A design is a protection that applies to a product's external features, i.e. its shape, lines, contours, colours, texture, material or ornamentation. A design can be three-dimensional (the shape of a car, a mobile phone, a couch, a vase) or two-dimensional (a pattern, a drawing).


A copyright is a protection given to any original literary, scientific and artistic works, irrespective of their medium, such as books, brochures and other written works, conferences and musical compositions. Computer programs can also be copyrighted.

Domain names

A domain name is an identification string defining a location on the Internet. The website linked to a domain name is the main gateway to a company. Since the introduction of a high number of new gTLDs, owners of trademarks and other IP rights are faced with new challenges.

Supplementary Protection Certificates

A supplementary protection certificate is an intellectual property right that extends, for a period of up to five years, the patent protection duration for a human or veterinary medicinal requiring marketing authorisation.

Plant breeder's rights

A plant breeder's right (PBR) protects a new plant variety of any botanical genus or species, regardless of whether it has been obtained by controlled sexual crossing and subsequent selection or by genetic engineering.